Inspiration Found: From A Four-Year Old.

I pay attention to trends. I just don't ever intentionally follow them anymore. 

Now, if this were even five years ago, this would be a completely different story. I LIVED for them. I needed to know who did what for each fashion week in the major cities... And I needed to pick out what I loved and wanted to emulate. I watched the fashion shows online, live streaming them. I had to have every issue of every fashion magazine simply because I had to know what was what.

Now? I could actually care less. Well, I am more evolved. I do care about seeing what is in style. But I rarely bother to follow them. I've honed a sense of what works for my body type, what I like... And if something comes out in a season and catches my eye... I entertain the idea of procuring it. But the last few major purchases I have made sartorially have all been things that I have been coveting for years. YEARS!

Everything else I buy is simply staples to my wardrobe: cashmere v-necks and skinny jeans.

But flipping through the latest CR Fashion Book (seriously, I can not get enough of this thing!), I found inspiration in one of the stories...

No... It wasn't the gorgeous green dress by Prada. It was this that inspired me...

Yes. A little girl wearing a tweed blazer, ruby slippers and a tulle costume gown. I stared at it and analyzed it for about 30 minutes.

"This would be such a fun look," I thought. "Have to figure out a way not to make it too costume-y. But I love it!"

Multiple layers of tulle... Coming down to just below my knee... Bright red patent leather pumps (not stilettos)... And a tweedy blazer.

I think the look could be fun and appropriate! And I am going to make it my mission to find this look for a 30-something year old before the end of the year!