Let's Finally Discuss This: Vogue & Kimye.

It was a strong effort put forth to avoid reading it... But I caved yesterday morning, as I stood at the news shop inside the pristine San Diego Airport's Terminal Two. I knew the DirectTV content on my flight would likely bore me (as it was "daytime" when I was flying back to Boston - and everyone knows daytime TV is atrocious), and I'd need something to help lull me to sleep.

So, naturally, I picked up this...

I'd started to have a love/hate relationship with Vogue in the past year. The content runs between being Vanity Fair-esque "intellectual" and "aware"(which I like) and being downright boring. Very few of the layouts/spreads remained inspiring. The art and creative beauty was fading.

It was a struggle to want to pick up a copy each month. For $5 each month, I feel there should be more to Vogue. Truthfully, there aren't a large number of ads for every page of content. In this issue, I counted 158 full-page ads (I didn't count partial ad pages, and there weren't many) and 126 pages of content. 

Seems like a reasonable number, yes? 

Well, with those 126 pages, I included the "table of content" pages... The pages that list all of the contributors with their blurbs... And also the masthead pages. The Kimye content takes up 14 pages. And while it is beautifully shot (by Annie Leibovitz), reading through the article feels like it was struggle for Hamish Bowles to write. And while the styling of the shoot had the earmark of Grace Coddington, I didn't want to believe it was her who had done it. She seemed to have made her view on celebrities in the magazine - much preferring to work with models. But sure enough... Anna Wintour notes in her Editor's Letter that it is in fact Hamish and Grace who did the spread. But she also featured this photo...

The two of them "undercover" to do the feature. Sure, it was a jest - the way Anna Wintour wrote it. But I would like to believe the two of them were demonstrating how ashamed they are that they had to cover Kim Kardashian and her mom. Who, writing of which, managed to get herself into one oft he shots...

This had to... HAD TO... Be annoying for all working on this.

I am likely going to skip reading Vogue through the Summer. I'll definitely pick up the September issue, when it comes out in August. But in the mean time, the content that is going into the magazine fails to be worth the $5 a month I pay for it.

Just like with Cosmo magazine at age 23, I've now outgrown Vogue. And I never thought that would happen. So much for being timeless and relevant.