Numerology Personal Year Five: Journeys Of Change, Expression & Personal Freedom.

Happy birthday to me!

(Birthday flowers I bought for myself.)

Today I turn 37, and it is the first birthday I've had i n14 years as a single person. In fact, the last time I celebrated a birthday single, I went to NYC for a week to celebrate... And ended up getting offered a job. I moved to the city three weeks later, and my life completely changed directions.

It was a great thing. Adventurous. Bold. A little crazy. Again, a brilliant and great thing.

And if numerology patterns have anything to say about it, I am entering into a similar type of year.

As of today, I enter into a Personal Year Five, according to numerology.
April 12, 2014
4+1+2+2+0+1+4= 14
The main themes of this year: 
  • Freedom
  • Changing of the routine
  • New relationships & ideas
  • Travel
  • Broadening interests
  • Growth
  • Fun
  • Risk taking that pays off
  • Promoting yourself

I am LOVING this!

A "personal year", according to numerology, doesn't always start on your birthday. Depending on where your birthday falls within that year, it starts to get underway before then. Based on what I've been doing and experiencing in these past few months, it started in January. 

This is a year, typically, of substantial and dynamic change. And it certainly has been so far...

I came home from my European leg of the Seven in Seven tour yesterday afternoon to one of the most significant changes to my life this year: my official divorce paperwork. It has been signed, and I am officially divorced. Just in time for my new year to begin.

This is a good thing.

While we remain very good friends, we were both trying to go in opposite directions. He wanted a quiet family life, with a wife at home every evening. And while I am not a wild child by any means, I wanted to travel. I wanted to try to have a career that I knew I couldn't have in Canada. I didn't want to be the follower. And through no one's fault - merely just the circumstances of life - I had become just that.

I couldn't follow him and still go after the things I wanted.

We tried. And it just didn't work. We were both compromising on things that neither of us should have to. Our journey ended, because a new journey had to begin for me.

And I couldn't be more optimistic and excited about what else this new year brings.