NYC Thrive: Wisdom.

The Wisdom pillar of the conference was very brief. It seemed to consist of only one panel. But it was a good one. Short. Very short. But good.

The panel included: Tracy Stewart (a writer - married to John Stewart), Alicia Menendez (a commentator for Fusion), Randi Zuckerburg (author and founder of Dot Complicated), Bea Arthur (founder of Pretty Padded Room - an online therapy outlet), and Cindy Leive. (Editor of Glamour magazine).

The biggest takeaway from this panel discussion the importance of setting rules for yourself around technology, which allows you to connect more closely with those around you. Being present. Being aware.

The panel was cut short because time was running out in the morning. In fact, Randi Zuckerburg and Cindy Leive were only on stage for a few minutes before they had to leave. It easily felt as though much more could have been discussed around how these busy women balance being successful ("thriving") and having families and other goals.

It went by so quickly, I wasn't able to capture any shareable quotes from it. Plus, I was starving at this point... And it was time for lunch...