Paris: Hauling Ass Up The Eiffel.

Both Bail and I have been to Paris a few times each. This is our first time touring the city together though. And despite our numerous visits to the "Hottest Spot In the Universe," neither of us had ever been up in the Eiffel Tower.

"We'll get up early and do it tomorrow!" we promised each other, surprisingly not under the influence of wine or champagne or hard alcohol of any kind.

Well, we both had trouble getting to sleep on Paris time. And at about 6:30am, she sent me an IM saying we should push the meeting time to start our day back by an hour. I was totally down, as I had not gotten much sleep. Problem is, though, this meant we only had about four hour to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower, walk 6km to the 10th arrondissement to explore this boulangerie with the most amazing croissants in all of Paris, and find a teeny cafe on a neighboring street that she was dying to try. Oh, and we had to print out our tickets for our train to Bordeaux and get on the train.


But we were determined. So off to the Eiffel Tower we went. But when we got there, the line for the lifts up it were very long. The line to take the stairs, though, was non-existent. So we decided to get some exercise and climb it.

I'm very glad we did. It gave me an appreciation for the structure's base. And it gave me an appreciation for what it was doing to my ass and thighs. (My lungs weren't all that pleased though.)

Once we got up to the lower observation deck, we had a gorgeous view...

I took at least 50 pictures... Mostly of the same things over and over again. It was a beautiful Spring day in Paris. But visibility did have a wee bit of a haze due to traffic pollution in the city.

Very well worth it the hike up it. We were up, in and down the tower in about 30 minutes. And then off to our other adventures for our short stay in Paris...