Paris: You Can't Ignore A Confectionery Institution!

Bail and I were going at the speed of light across Paris.

Okay. Maybe not really that fast. But we did have a lot of ground to cover quickly. And we didn't want to do it by subway or cab. We wanted to walk it. We wanted the exercise, and we wanted to walk past some stunning visuals in the city.

So I came prepared for the day. I was in my running shoes. And Bail was in comfortable walking shoes as well. So after hiking up the Eiffel Tower, we set out in the direction of the 10th arrondissement. And of course... We kept getting distracted by the scenery...

But the one distraction that held us up for a few minutes was me spotting this...

Laduree... Home of the BEST macarons in the WORLD!!

We didn't want to indulge to greatly. But we didn't want to simply walk by and IGNORE a confectionery institution... So we each got one. Bail went with the Caramel Sea Salt flavor. I picked up a flavor called "Marie Antionette." It tasted like "blue raspberry" to me. But I honestly have no idea what flavor it was supposed to be.

A lovely treat on our adventure to find the best croissants and coffee in only a few hours.