Seven In Seven: "Where Would You Go Back To?"

I'm four months - almost five - into this "Seven Continents in Seven Months" tour... And I've already toured through all seven. Sure, I still have a trip to Mexico and five and a half weeks in Europe to go through in May/June... But I've already seen a lot and have favorites of where I've been.

One person asked me a week ago, "Where would you go back to?"

That's an easy one. Out of all of the places I have been to in the past five months, the one place I would go back to in a second (and actually am going back to in late September) is Iquitos, Peru.


Yes. I enjoyed my experience "digitally detoxing" for a week so much that I feel compelled to go back seven months later. Only this time, it will be at Blue Morpho's new retreat center.

I don't know if I will do the Shamanic Dieta again this time, as I'd like to be able to enjoy some prosciutto in the later part of the year, as well as enjoy using some soap while in the jungle this time. But I loved the whole experience... Not having access to email or social media, especially. I could have used some electricity to recharge my phone and camera (which I used to take pictures). And the new retreat center will have a little bit of electricity each night.

It was peaceful. And allowed me a brilliant opportunity for some self-reflection. Actually, with the lack of electricity and access to the Internet... I would say "forced me" to self-reflect. But it was was brilliant, just the same.

I've enjoyed pretty much every place I've been. There are certainly places I don't feel the need to go back to anytime in the future, which include:

Argentina - Other than cheap red wine and steak, which California has awesome supply of both, I don't understand why people want to come here.

Indonesia - Gorgeous place. But I felt overwhelmed with the amount of help and services that were constantly offered. I like to just "exist" in the places I visit. I'm not there to be pampered.

Florence - Lovely food. Too touristy.

Paris - Overrated at this point in my life. If you go to France... Go to Bordeaux. Or Nice.

Iceland - I got to see the Northern Lights and where Jon Snow and Ygritte hooked up in the cave on Game of Thrones. It's a small country, and beautiful. But I would go other places again before this one.

I still have a ton of cities to see in Europe in June. So who knows what I will add to the list of "Must Go Back To"... Though I suspect Rome will stay at the top of it. This will be my third visit there in less than 10 years.