"Silly Valley": Erlich Bachmann Is My Muse.

Sunday night is the best night on television. There's so much on that evening, I can't get to everything I want to watch.

God bless OnDemand, DVR, Netflix, Matt-flix, Hulu, iTunes... Which are all things that allow me to keep up with most of my content viewing while traveling. Especially one of my new favorite Sunday night pleasures...

Silicon Valley.  Or, as I like to shorten it... "Silly Valley."

Have you seen it? If not... I don't know if we can ever be friends. It is  a brilliant show. And the most brilliant part of it, so far, is the writing of the character Erlich Bachmann.

Erlich is the owner of the "incubator" house where eager SV programmers can live relatively cheap, in exchange for providing him a share in whatever they may be creating.

Erlich is a total prick. He is an opportunist. He is a dumbass. He is lazy. 

He also has some of the best lines on the show... And I thank Mike Judge for creating him, as he is pure enjoyment to listen to and watch. That is also due to the actor bringing him to life, T.J. Miller, of course.

While I don't aspire to be like Erlich outwardly, I do have an internal dialogue that shares similar thoughts in similar situations as him. I think we all do.  He represents the unfiltered life we'd all like to have in moments every now and then.

I'd like to channel him when dealing with certain situations in life... But hold back on going "full force Erlich Bachmann." Just a smidge of his cocky confidence is a good thing. A very good thing.