Style Inspiration: A Well-Dressed Toddler's Ruby Sandals.

The last dregs of Winter seem to be trying to hang on here in The Bean. They'll be gone soon enough. But there was a moment last week where I had the chance to indulge myself in some sunshine and wear my new Summer shoes...


A few weeks back, a friend posted a picture of her daughter wearing red sandals on Instagram. The little girl was perfectly sassy in her ruby slippers... She was owning her look! And it inspired me.  I've long held the belief that red shoes make you more confident and sassy. And I've owned a few pairs.

Knowing and having experienced the power of red shoes, I quickly hopped online and found these Frye red leather sandals on Zappos. After a few clicks, they were being shipped to me in Boston! I had my cobbler add a rubber sole on the bottom of them, as they were very slick and slippery. And this will make them last longer - adding the rubber sole prior to wearing them outside.

Now I can be sassy this Summer, as I stroll the streets of Europe!

I have no problem admitting it... I totally take my style cues from those under the age of five. Proud of it!