"Traveling So Much... Don't You Get Sick?"

I was at dinner recently with a friend and they noted that I never seem to get sick, despite all my travel lately.

"You're in a metal tube, breathing recirculated air," he said. "I'm amazed that you never seem to get sick."

(Knock on wood.)

He was correct. I hadn't really gotten sick. There one time where, after getting back from a trip, I started to come down with a sore throat. But there were things I quickly did to combat it, as I was going to be leaving for my next trip a few days later. And they're things that I do regularly after each trip to help me settle down after the travel...

Epsom Salt Bath

(I've run out. Clearly need to run to the store and get more.)

Two whole cups in the tub of hot water. You will need to keep water nearby, as this can dehydrate you a little. But it relaxes you and helps lull you to sleep... Which is one of the best things for recovering. I do this the night I get back from a trip, and possibly every night after that for a few days. I've also done the Ground Ginger and Hydrogen Peroxide Bath plenty of time, but you need a nice deep tub for that.

Hot Water with Lemon

This is something I do a few days a week, just to ensure a proper intake of vitamin C. In particular, I love having Myer lemons. They are fragrant, and amazing to juice.

Raw Garlic & Manuka Honey

This one is not an easy one to choke down. And it will make your ears and throat burn. And possibly make you feel like you have to vomit. But all of that is momentary. It is amazing. Garlic is excellent for helping kill infections. Manuka honey is an antibiotic, and helps repair tissue damaged by infections. I only take this IF I feel a cold coming on in my body. So far, I've only done it once this year. And that was after Antarctica.

Umeboshi Plum

This salty-tasting, pit-filled, pickled little plum has been used in the Japanese culture as a preventative way to deal with illnesses. It's great for hangovers, and helps rid the body of toxins. I take ONE the day after I get back from a trip. These are certainly not something to eat every day. And typically, I eat one a week.

All of these things - unsurprisingly, you can get usually find at Whole Foods. A package of the plums will last you a good part of a year. The epsom salts you can find at a drugstore, but are cheap everywhere. Myer lemons are seasonal, and can be substituted for regular lemons. Manuka honey is expensive, but will also last you at least a year.