Venice: Cappuccino At Caffe Del Doge.

There are times when Google or Trip Advisor lies. When Bail and I were in Bordeaux, we used both to point us in the direction of the best coffee in the city. It sent us off in search of a place called "French Coffee Shop." It wasn't till after we got there, had sub-par whipped cream cappuccinos (I kid you not... These things had WHIPPED CREAM on them!), then left and saw another French Coffee Shop on a different corner that we realized this was just a chain in France.


Anyway... Knowing how small Venice is, I knew a recommendation from Trip Advisor or Google would be free of chains. And I was able to find a really good one... Caffe del Doge.


Located on the San Polo side of the Grand Canal, through a little tunneled walkway and down an alley...

It's quite hidden from the main drag. But to too hard to find. Outside are locals campaign at the few tables there are in the alley. Inside is the delight...

A wide variety of coffee origins. And, of course, pastries. It felt like a proper caffe to me.  I sat down and ordered a cappuccino, even though it was close to 11:30am... Long after you should be ordering this kind of drink. (Italians, I am told, switch espresso after 10:30am.)

But I am a touring American. So I didn't care. And neither did the shop girls.

It was, like most things in Venice that I have consumed, perfection.  

Trip Advisor did not lie this time!