Venice: Graffiti.

I must say... I've seen quite a bit of fun graffiti in Italy. I wasn't quick to capture some of the best stuff, though, while on the train from Venice. As the train was pulling out of the station in Mestre, there was some very fun stuff. But we were moving too fast, and it all became blurs on my camera.

But in Venice, winding through the foot-paths, were some inspiring things...

"Hello, princess!"

Why, hello! Yes. I am a princess in this charming Italian city. How kind of you to notice my nobility.

And, of course, the one thing all of this travel is helping me to do...

How do you "unlock your soul?"

But my favorite, out of amusement, was this one...

A plump zombie woman in clothes too small, carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. Girlfriend needs a bra.

I head back to Venice tomorrow night. Since I have light baggage with me, I am hoping to walk the 20 minutes from the train station back to my hotel. And, thus, hoping to capture more graffiti art.