Venice: Opera Of The Fallen Woman.

Again... Trip Advisor came through with an excellent recommendation. A really good one, in fact. The community on there, when I was searching for "things to do in Venice" a month ago, recommended Musica A Palazzo.

It is "cultural club" that stages opera performances in an old palace in Venice. It is a bit hidden, and tough to find. But it was near my hotel. Just around the corner, in fact.

Because it is a private club, they only take cash. And you have to email in and reserve your spot. You then have to confirm your spot the day prior to the performance. And then, when you get there, you have to fill out a small form in order to stay.

Because it is a historical building, they have to collect the info on those who enter.

Tonight's performance was of La Traviata, "the fallen woman." If you don't know it, you are likely familiar with the music. It is a very popular opera. And it is very tragic and beautiful.

This particular opera was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Each of the three acts takes place in a separate room in the small palazzo. There is no "stage" to speak of, really. The musicians sit feet away from you, as there are only four. And the singers (three of those) move about the room, acting and singing.

This was the first room, where a party takes place...

The room on the right was a salon, which is where the second act takes place. There were pianos in each room. And the setting of the palazzo was beautiful and baroque...

That ceiling!

The final act takes place in a bedroom, and is very sad.

Again, a gorgeous ceiling with so much color!

The two main characters are Alfredo and Violette. The two singers were fantastic, and clearly holding back some of their power, as the rooms were not that big. They only sang the arias. No additional parts were needed.

Here are the two at the end of the final act...

A wonderful experience! Beautifully styled!