Venice: Strolling Around The Piazza San Marco.

I did and saw so many things in the short time I was in Venice. Looking back on my trip there, I realize I liked it more than I thought. I knew I enjoyed it more than Florence; and that it still fell below where Rome holds a place in my heart. But if you look at the amount of photos I took, you can tell that I liked it quite a bit.

In particular, the Piazza San Marco... Which is the most touristy place in all of Venice. Even at the twilight hour...

I didn't go into the basilica at all while there. I just didn't have a desire. But the outside was stunning in the evening...

And looking up at the Campanile, with the half moon in the sky...

And the piazza lamps casting a glow amongst the peddlers trying to sell me glow-in-the-dark flying trinkets...

"Excuse me signora! Excuse me! Watch this!"

No thanks, I would say.

I had just come from Harry's Bar and was starving. But I knew from many others that getting off the piazza for meals was the best, economically. Yet, despite the Bellini and Campari buzzing I had, as well as my hunger, I had no desire to stop walking and looking at everything.

The glow of the buildings. The lights. They fed me for a good hour, till I caved and went to find food. It was nearly 9pm, after all.

The next day, I came back to the piazza to explore it by daylight.

I got a better look at the astrology Clock Tower at one end of the piazza.

And got to see all of the birds and people milling about, eating gelato. The lines coming out of the basilica and the church.

I walked along the grand canal side and found the gondola's resting amongst the seaweed overgrowth very pretty.

I still couldn't imagine living there. But I think everyone should absolutely visit this city. It is a wonder.