A Lenten Holiday: 39 Days Away.

That's practically the same amount of time as Lent.  Only with this "Lenten-esque" holiday, there will be no "giving up." No "sacrificing." Only indulgence. But not full indulgence. I'm not going to crazy.

No. I think "crazy" set in almost six months ago, when I came up with this whole idea... To spend almost six weeks traveling through Europe, alone, with a carry-on.


This time tomorrow night, I will be on a flight to Dublin... Where I will connect to another flight taking me to Amsterdam. Tonight, though, you will find me wading through laundry and cleaning my apartment like crazy.

Oh... And packing.

Yes. A new carry-on duffel has been procured via REI this weekend. I am bringing eight changes of clothes, which allows me an opportunity to do laundry once a week.

Or indulge in buying new clothes as I go.  :)

Like I said... This is going to be a different kind of "Lenten Holiday."