Amsterdam: Completely Knackered.

I'm here! I've landed in Europe and have begun this final leg of travel.

Schipol Airport, on my way to catch a train to Amsterdam Central Station.

However, I am totally exhausted.

I chose to start this tour in Amsterdam specifically because:

  1. I knew I would be completely jet-lagged
  2. I have been to Amsterdam before, and knew I could navigate to my hotel completely exhausted
  3. I really only need a day in this city before moving on to the next

So really, Amsterdam is just going to be a "rest" city and "see some few new things I didn't see last time" stop.

I landed at about noon time, but didn't make it to my hotel room till almost 2pm. I ate a quick omelet from room service for lunch, and then fell into bed to sleep for about four hours. I'm going  to take it easy the rest of this evening, probably staying inside... Which is what I had originally planned for with this stop.

I know, I know... You're thinking, "But it's Amsterdam! There are so many awesome ways to relax there. Why would you stay in?"


My version of relaxing is a bubble bath, blackout curtains on the windows, my laptop to get some writing done, and room service. All of which are part of my plan for this evening.

Tomorrow will start with an early walk about the city... Followed by a Bikram class. Then the Van Gogh museum. And a tour of De Wallen (the Red Light District). Both of these are things I didn't see the last time I was here.