Amsterdam: A Final Meal.

Amsterdam has proven itself to be quite the delicious city. I can't say that for many places that I visited. (Especially London.)

The thing about Amsterdam, though, is that it starts late. The Starbucks near my hotel doesn't even open until 7am, which is way earlier than most other coffee shops. And I had to force myself to sit tight till 8am, when I prayed something would be open... Because I was famished.

I was in luck though. A few blocks from my hotel was a cute little diner, where I grabbed myself a seat in the window... To watch the world wake up...

It was finally sunny in the Dam. I like that it had been rainy and cloudy till today. It was cleansing me for my trip. Washing away the old energy. Setting me up for new wonderful energy in the cities to come.

Or so I attempted to poetically justify in my journal as I drank coffee...

How unoriginal of me.

I managed to order one of the most awesome breakfasts I have had in a long time though... A dutch pancake with bacon embedded in it!

I know. I know. I know. I am not supposed to have bacon until August because of the Shamanic Dieta I did in Peru. Truth is... I caved on the pork thing back in April, in Venice.


But I've been more aggressive with my meditation each day, and purging lower energies... Which is the main reason why they don't want us to eat pork for several months after the Dieta ends. Pigs have a lot of anxious and low energy.

It was a delicious pancake, though. And a lovely final meal in Amsterdam.