Amsterdam: "Inhaleren" & Juicy.

I've been to Bikram Yoga Amsterdam before. It was five years ago. The studio itself is the same... Very modern, clean, and sterile. The room was perfect. I like that they didn't have carpet on the floor this time. And I'm very glad I motivated myself to go to class, even though when I stepped back outside this morning, it was cold and drizzly. And windy.

The 90 minutes was worth it though. I came out of class and took this "swelfie" (sweaty selfie) outside the studio, which was just a 10 minute walk from my hotel. Though, I do have to walk through a few blocks of "coffee shops" (marijuana coffee shops) to get to and from the studio. (Talk about a "yoga buzz" afterwards!)

On my way back, though, I discovered this place...

A juice shop! Right around the corner from the studio! And they had large fresh coconuts right in the window. Perfection!

The first thing I noticed when I went in was this little guy on the counter...

My power animal, an owl. Again, how perfect?!?!

I ordered a juice with fresh coconut, strawberries, banana, and pineapple. And as the woman was making my drink, I noticed her shirt...

That's a "100 Bikram" on the arm! I asked her if she did Bikram. She confessed the shirt actually belonged to the owner, Jay. He is apparently "mad about Bikram." EPIC!

I grabbed my juice and gulped it down, while walking back through the marijuana streets.