Boston: A Reminder To Always Look Up.

We're now into that five-month stretch where you can't stop taking pictures of this city. It's sunny and 73 degrees out this afternoon. And you're crazy if you haven't spent some time outside today.

By early afternoon, I made sure I was one of the thousands of people meandering the streets of The Bean, taking in every ounce of sunshine I could. I went to my very favorite spot in this city: The Public Garden.

What a perfect Mother's Day! So picturesque.

And the recently planted tulips added punches of color throughout the blooming trees and verdant grass.

I had a book with me, as well as my iPod with my meditation music. All I needed was a patch of grass and a tree to sit under.

This is one of my usual spots (above), but I noticed a prettier one to park under...

Pink blossoms that were starting to flip to green. And there were patches of sunshine breaking through the branches.

While sitting under it, reading my book, I looked up...

So beautiful! I must have easily taken close to 60 pictures of just these branches against the blue sky.

Always look up, people. Always.