Boston Vignette: Early Morning Walk.

By the time 11am had rolled around today, I'd finished everything I needed to before I leave on this last trip... Including for a long walk around a bit of the city.

I love morning walks in the city. The closer after sunrise, the better. It's one of the best times of day. And I have pictures to prove it...

This is along the Charles River Esplanade. The chair is chained to the dock. I sat in the chair and meditated for 15 whole minutes.  It was gorgeous.

This was as the city started to wake-up, and people began the daily hustle after a long weekend. The Public Garden is one of my absolute favorite places.

This is of Beacon Hill's Garden Street. It's very steep. I am always impressed with people who can handle living in this part of the city. The streets are narrow. Sidewalks are crooked and have many bumps in them. It's a bitch to walk down in the Winter time, when things get iced over and neighbors do a poor job with de-icing their sidewalks. But the street lamps are lovely... And the trees frame things intimately... Creating a funnel that pulls you forward.

Yes. This is my very favorite time of day in this city.