Cabo: A Photo Essay From A Young, Promising Photographer.

It is rare, these days, to come across someone so talented at such a young age. Someone with such an visceral eye for the images around them. Today, I discovered such an artist. His work is extraordinary. He is a photographer, and his sense of awareness for the moment is truly remarkable,

I was lucky enough to have him share some his work with me today...

The artist's awareness, he indicates, starts with his feet. In this photo, see how he capture the essence of "grounded awareness" by shooting not only his own feet, but also his "shark sandals"? Phenomenal! And the fact that his feet are buried in the sand provides that extra "weight" to the "grounding" in the photo.

Such a profound revelation. Insightful, especially when you consider the source.**

Typically, I don't believe in portraits of myself. But with this artist behind the lens, I am in his complete trust. Notice how he captures my flighty bohemian-ness with the "blurred rushing" of camera movement?

He understands me completely.

The artist also has an appreciation for capturing young and energetic adoration. I watched him effortlessly encourage this couple to move closer together, providing him with a genuine opportunity to capture their fun energy. He knew exactly the moment to take the picture... Right at the full expression of fun from the couple!

I saw this photo... And my first reaction was, "WHOA!"

How can it not be? He perfectly captured what it is like to be a decimated lemon, left stranded. This picture says, "Loneliness... But at least you served a purpose."

It's an incredibly powerful statement about the elderly in society.

I know this young artist's best work is still very much ahead of him. I can't wait to see what he does.

**The artist is my three year-old nephew, JPM.