Cabo: Two Books In One Morning.

Books. I read a lot of books, doing all of this traveling. I just got through two this morning, over the span of five hours...

You can barely read the type... But the two books I read were Young God and An Extraordinary Theory of Objects.

Sure, they weren't long books. But they were somewhat intricate. And I found myself absorbed into them quickly. And there really isn't anything more delicious than sitting on a beach, watching the waves crash, and flipping electronically through pages.

In total, since the start of February, I've read 16 books over 15 weeks. Not too shabby, I think.

All have been on my Kindle Paperwhite, which is one of the best purchases I have made ever, technology-wise.

There are two books on my Kindle that I still need to get through. But they are very long, incredibly intricate, and require very intentional reading.

Some of them are silly. Few of them are fiction, like one of today's books. I tend to prefer "real life" insightful or historic books. I'm not sure if that makes me odd from the trend, in terms of what people read. But apparently, I am odd in the sense that I read books at all.

Check out this infographic I found earlier today...

These notions are all so completely foreign to me. But then, I've aways been a bookworm. So it really isn't a surprise that I find them so surprising.

How can people not read? Never pick up a book? Never go into a bookstore?

That is so sad.