Fact: Everyone Needs "Decompression Friends."

I don't know what the deal is... But lately I seem to have a lot of people I find dear who are in a "May Grey" kind of slump.

"What do you do when you're surrounded by negativity?" one asked me just today.

I'm not sure why people seem to be asking me this.  Perhaps they are mistaking my curiosity for life as being knowledgeable on how to live a happy life?

"You are always so busy," one friend noted. "You're life seems pretty good."

I noted that it is. And that I am grateful - always. But that is something I had to learn to see for myself. And it's something I am constantly reminding myself to be. I have plenty of dark moments. Often. We all do. It's called, "This is life."

I just seem to deal with mine in a way that allows me to process all the "craptasticness" that crosses my path as quickly as possible.


  • Always looking forward. The moment I look back, I get panic attacks. It's like when you're climbing something... You don't look down. Why look back?
  • Not being afraid to fail. Good things happen. Bad things happen. I accept that. And I work to not let my ego hold me back, just because I am afraid of outward appearance of failure. I fail dozens more times at things than I succeed at things. (I once knew a boy who lived his whole life driven by his ego... All he cared about was how things appeared to others. It is sad. As far as I can tell, he's still like that. And I'm pretty sure it's a very lonely place.)
  • Yoga. Whatever your favorite physical  activity is... You need it most when you are having a crappy day. 
  • Friends to Decompress With. This is one of the most helpful things... Having someone you can decompress after a long/crappy week. When you're in a relationship, this often is the person you are partnered with.  But it is most likely your friends. Sure, I can decompress is a hot yoga class at the end of the day... But I would just as soon grab one of my friends and open a bottle of wine to get my mind in a more positive place.

A glass of this stuff, and getting lost in conversation for an hour or two... That's the best thing.

Friends to decompress with have been a huge help for me in the past almost nine months. I am very grateful to have them in my life.