"I Have To Pee Every Five Minutes & I Am Starving... But It's Great!"

I've done a few juice fasts in the past year. I've gone between juicing my own stuff and doing the BluePrint Cleanse. And without a doubt, it's best to just juice it yourself.


I actually don't like the taste of the BluePrint juices. They're great combos... And certainly great if you really don't have the 30 minutes it will take to make your own and clean up afterwards. But in my opinion, just buying a juicer (I have this Breville one that cost me $150) and buying some cheap mason jars is the cheaper way to go. Because after you do one juice fast, you will want to do them again. And again. And again.

I noticed it yesterday in a Bikram class where the room was almost 115 degrees before class started: "I may have had to pee every five minutes, felt starving and like I had no energy before class... But I always have much better Bikram practices when I go in on a juicing day."

When I juice, I don't juice the whole day. I do eat a light dinner. Last night it was grilled chicken, hummus and a salad. And quite a bit of watermelon.

I start the day with a carrot-apple blend. 

A whole bag of carrots (about six carrots in the bag, unpeeled) and two gala apples. I can get about 14 ounces of juice from this.

I had some leftover blueberries and strawberries laying in the fridge from earlier in the week.

They made a nice snack juice.

It was about a half of a cup of blueberries and about a pint of strawberries.

My favorite post-yoga snack juice is this, though...

Watermelon and pineapple.

Watermelon is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I even drink the remnants of the cut fruit that you find in the container.

But the one juice I drink the most of on a juicing day is the green juice blend. I really like the taste of it, though most people think of it and it makes them gag.

It's got parsley in it...

An English cucumber (the long ones) and celery (a whole bunch)...

A little knob of ginger that I peel...

And a whole package of chopped kale...

This gets me almost 24 ounces of drinkable juice. So that's enough for one at lunch time and another with my dinner.

I only do this for about two or three days in a row. Though I would love to try it for longer. My travel schedule in the past few years has made that much more difficult though.

The biggest challenge with juicing is getting used to the hunger pangs. Your body wants actual food in it. You're getting excellent vitamins from the juice, but I need protein too.

Or I go crazy.