Off To Europe!

I'm at the airport...

Me, chilling at the airport... Eating a meal before my flight. I loathe airplane food.

I've got what the airline thinks is a 21.6 pound carry-on (it's closer to 26, actually. I shoved stuff from my backpack into it after I checked in - shh!), a bottle of water, fully charged electronics, my passport, and some almonds to snack on (because I refuse to eat plane food).

I am ready for this!

Even more so after I realized today would have been my 10-year anniversary.

Random coincidence!

Yes. It was 10 years ago today that my ex-husband and I went to city hall in Boston and got married.  I think it's very appropriate - and find it cleansing - to be beginning the last leg of this tour on this date. It wasn't intentional... But it does feel like a brilliant idea - closure-wise.

I held tremendous guilt - for about 10 years - about being a bit of a 'dreamer." So much so, that I (and really, it is my fault, because I chose to allow this guilt in my life) always felt like I was fighting through mud to get somewhere. And once I started this travel, I chose to be aware of when any inkling of guilt would try to seep in:

  • When I decided to quit my awesome job to do this
  • When people would give me attitude about being "indulgent" by doing this
  • When I budgeted out how much this would all likely cost
  • When companies would reach out to me about employment opportunities
  • When people would tell me, "I'm living through you!"

There's many more. And I've had amazing support from my family, my social community, and recent friends I've made along the way.

I've wanted, many times, to cancel a good chunk of this last leg. But as I've mentioned before, that is a big part of the challenge... Following through and staying committed to this goal. I mean, I made such a big deal about dreaming and following it, I need to make sure I finish it.

Wouldn't you agree?