Phoenix: Celebrating Cinco De Mayo At "Home."

"You came all the way here to buy a car?"

My cousin asked me that at dinner yesterday. He, being a very logical person, didn't understand why someone would buy a car so far away from where they live.

"I'm moving to San Diego in a few months," I explained.  "So there's a bigger plan it is a part of."

But he wasn't the only person to be surprised by my explanation for my trip to the West.

"I think it's funny that you have planned a trip around buying a car," my friend Pilot said to me recently.

"Hey now! I've never bought a car myself before. And I've never owned a brand new one before," I said. "So I wanted to make an event out of it! I wanted to return to my home state to do it!"

But the car purchase wasn't the only reason for me to come out here. I very much wanted to visit with friends I haven't seen in a while, family I owned a trip back to visit, as well as catch up on some of this...

Awesome Mexican food, In-n-Out Burger...

And to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Yes. This is me, poolside right now at the resort I am staying at. I started my day with a massage and am now drinking a tequila-baed cocktail by the pool.

I think I'll take every Cinco de Mayo off and celebrate it by a pool, with a cocktail in hand.

I deserve it! I got done everything on my To Do list for this trip. So I deserve to kick back and enjoy my last day here.