Phoenix: I Bought A Chick SUV!

I have landed in the Valley of the Sun... And it is quite the wonderful contrast to the frigid depression that has been Boston the past few days. My mission while here:

  • Hang with family
  • Catch up with a friend or two
  • Business meetings
  • Buy a car

In terms of that To Do List, I've now accomplished the last one.


This is a huge deal. I haven't owned a car since 2000. I have never owned a brand new car. And today, I purchased - all by myself - a brand new 2015 SUV hybrid. YAY!

Unfortunately, I it is not yet in stock. So I have no pictures of it. I didn't even get to test drive the exact one I bought. And I won't actually get to touch it myself until mid-July, when I come back to Arizona. My parents (bless them) will be picking it up for me when it comes in to the dealership in a few weeks.

It'll probably get driven by everyone in my family before it gets driven by me... Don't care though. As long as it is handed off to me in pristine condition!

Details about it:

  • 2015 model, just being released
  • HYBRID! (Excellent gas mileage!)
  • SUV - but a very "chick" one
  • All Wheel Drive (My friend, Pilot, told me this is essential)
  • Sports package (This just means fancy wheels and front grill.)
  • Back-Up Camera (Yay!)
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (Yay!)
  • All kinds of airbags (Yay!)
  • Black exterior, black leather interior
  • Some kind of sound system (Not something I care about - I was more adamant about the safety features.)
  • Navigation system. 

I didn't realize that buying a car would be an all-day thing. I went to the dealership straight from the airport. Then to the bank. Then, finally, my hotel. This was a six and a half hour thing!

I'm excited. And very happy with my selection. Now to call the insurance company...