Prepping For Europe As A Casual Tourist.

I have exactly one week till I leave for the long trip in Europe.


I always feel like I have a ton of things left to do, even after careful planning and list-making. My thoughts these past few days have largely been dealing with what to pack, what to see, and what to eat... All while traveling.

Here are the 12 cities I will be visiting...

Yes, I've already programmed them into my iPhone's weather app. I know that it will be getting much warmer prior to my arrival in most of the cities... But I going over and over in my head what all to pack in my little carry-on suitcase for the five and a half weeks away.

The one thing that is good is that once I adjust to the time difference, I should be set. Most of the cities I will be visiting are in the same timezone, with the exception of Istanbul and Santorini (Kamari). So there is only a need to pack for one climate, and adding in a light blazer to wear when it's slightly chilly.

But the biggest thing that is eating up my mind space is what all to see and do. Despite what it may seem like, I am a leisurely tourist. I like to meander. I like to sit in cafes for hours... Or even my hotel room... And just write. I'm not a huge fan of action-packed days.  At least, they don't feel action-packed.

"You're always so much busier than you let on," said my friend, Pilot. "You say you're not busy, but then you list all the things you did in a day... And that's busy."

Fair enough. But with Europe, I'm already going from city to city at a ridiculous pace. But what I visit in each city will be intentional, and certainly not on a hectic schedule. My biggest priorities each day will be:

1. Spending at least two hours each day (in the morning, probably) writing.
2. Bikram class (if available) in each city.
3. Afternoon cocktail hour.

So fitting things to see and do around those items will take planning. I have had people throwing a dozen things at me to see in each city... From restaurants to museums to music performances. It's awesome.  But I plan to be a casual tourist. I know there are things I am going to skip. 

Again, I'm more interested in being aware and present with this final leg of the tour. Less interested in making sure I see absolutely everything there is to see. Otherwise, there won't ever be a need to come back.