Seven Weeks On The Go.

A week till the craziest of all my travel schedules starts.

This is how I spent my morning...

Drinking out of my favorite mug (though it may soon become my second favorite mug - as Frogger may have found one that tops even this one), and reviewing the cities I am scheduled to visit when I leave for Europe on May 27th.

Before that, though, I hit Mexico and head back to San Diego for a weekend. So while I have five and a half weeks in Europe... I will be "on the go" for about seven and a half.

I'll be coming back a totally different person, perhaps. Maybe?

While I have all of my cities, plane tickets and train tickets and hotels all booked up and ready to go... I still need to research what all I am going to do in each city.

So far, I am most excited about Istanbul. Rome is my favorite city - always. But the stuff I am seeing about Istanbul sounds epic.

Even though I have been traveling since December, I still have to remind myself to "live in the moment." That's been what this travel has been about overall. Learning to live NOW... Because my tendency is to live months out in advance.

"Presence" is still a struggle for me.