Styling A Home: I Actually Do Have Good Taste.

With my move out of the place in July, my landlord has decided to finally sell the apartment in which I live.

I know I've written about it before, but it is a very charming apartment. It sits at the corner of Tremont Street and Union Park in Boston's South End. It's a corner that allows you a gorgeous view onto the Hub, and is steps away from awesome restaurants. The river is a 15 minute walk away... As is the Public Garden.  I get gorgeous light all year round. And despite the lack of proper heat and hot water in the Winter, as well as the lopsided floors, I have loved this place very much.

But... It wasn't until the professional photographer came in to shoot the place for the online listing that I was able to step back and realize what a cute little place this was! And also, what a really good job I had done decorating the place in the past two years!

Even though I had one person question my taste in how I decorated the joint ("it's a little too girlie" was what they had suggested), I find myself really pleased with what I did! And no longer self conscious about it!

Here are the photos...