Three Weeks, 21 Nights.

That's all I have left in Boston.

I calculated it up this morning, again. The remaining time I have left to be present in the city is less than the times I will be in Europe.  I hadn't let it really sink in until this point.

To my own surprise, I don't feel nostalgic or sad about this. I very much thought I would. Collectively, I'll have lived in Boston for almost eight years. Six of those years were spent in the South End, which will always be my favorite neighborhood in the city.

While I am parting ways with Boston permanently, I won't say for sure that I am done with the Northeast completely. There is always New York. While I don't have any intention to ever move back there, it is the only city in the Northeast I will keep in mind down the line. The variety... The culture... The people... All are infinitely amusing and comforting an empowering way.

Boston will always be the city for me, though, that initiated my creativity. And any time I have a desperate need to spark that creativity again... I will book a flight and head back to the Hub of the Universe.