Why Don't You...Try Some Plane Snacks?

One of the things I have concluded, long before I got to this point in my travel, is that airplane food is outrageously bad.

Seriously... I don't care what airline it is... Or how much effort they put into crafting the menus... It's just plain bad.  Sure, it can be tasty. But that's because it is loaded with sodium... Unless you order the low sodium meal, in which case it tastes bad.

You just can't fight city hall on this matter.

Which is why I've started doing this...

Yep. Loading up with somewhat decent snacks to take on the long haul flights. I read an article recently that unless your water comes from a bottle on a plane, it is likely not the best for you. Even when it's used to make coffee. You would think the heating of the water would kill anything in it. But you would be wrong.

So I bring my own bottle. And usually high protein stuff. But I couldn't ignore this new indulgence I discovered tonight...

Dark chocolate covered coconut???


They're dreamy! I had to pack the little bag away, to prevent myself from eating the whole thing before the flight. They're so good!

I guarantee you that they won't last me halfway through the flight. I will eat them all, and then promptly fall asleep.

Sounds perfect, if you ask me.