Barcelona: The California Of Spain.

I have a new favorite European city (after Rome, that is)... And Barcelona is it.

Madrid was fantastic. But Barcelona kicks its ass easily. I would describe Madrid as NYC. And Barcelona is totally Southern California. More San Diego than L.A.

I walked all the way from the train station to my hotel (a good 30 minutes) and found myself walking down the typical alleyways I had gotten used to in Madrid. But after checking into my hotel, I walked towards the beach. And that's where I fell in love...

I mean really... How can you not?

The boardwalk was loaded with bicyclists, skateboarders, and roller bladers. I couldn't walk more than a few minutes without smelling a hint of marijuana. And there was all kinds of activity happening on the sand... As well as in the ocean...

Yep. Even though the water is definitely cold, people were out attempting to Stand Up Paddle Board. LOVE!

I walked a little further down the walk towards the big fish...

Then decided to start heading back to find something to eat for dinner.

It was a beautiful, balmy sunset.