Barcelona: Pretty, Peaceful, Straight-Up Thug Bird.

I had found myself a spot on the edge of a pier to meditate. It was serene, though there were other people around. It was nearly 6pm, and I hadn't yet meditated today. So I sat down and closed my eyes and got lost in pushing and pulling energy through my mind.

I was very relaxed. But finished by opening my eyes with a gentle focus. And not more than five feet ahead of me on the pier's edge was this guy...

He was just sitting there. Despite incidents in the past, birds and I share a strange bond.

He saw me looking at him. He seemed perfectly at ease with it.

We were in tune with each other. A nice gentle energy passing through us, keeping us calm and...


Another bird came swooping in!

That bitch of a bird tried to steal our peaceful energy!

But don't worry...

We scared that asshole away. And went back to being cool in our existence.

My bird here is saying, "Step off, mutha fucka."

And I'm all "Hell yeah!" in the background... Very far away from the other bird.