Berlin: The Barn Coffee Shop.

There really aren't words to describe how awesome this place I discovered in the Mitte neighborhood after my Bikram class this morning...

The Barn. It's a roaster and coffee shop. And it is... Really... Just... The best thing ever.

The vibe of the space is very rustic and communal. So of course, I fell in love right away. And the staff... So kind. They took the time to walk me through the offerings, helping me to decide on a Costa Rican bean.

It took a few minutes to brew, as they do each guest's separate. The color of the coffee was gorgeous. 

And the little pitcher they serve it to you in was a nice treat... Check out the steam...

I enhanced the color in this next photo, but you can see there is a beautiful brightness to it...

The coffee was very gentle. They know how to roast and brew properly, and it shows. You don't need milk or sugar for this stuff.

Because I was coming out of a Bikram class, and hadn't had any food in about 15 hours, I was starving. And they had a beautiful croissant waiting for me...

I'm very particular about croissants. I rarely eat the in North America... Because... Well, they're usually complete and utter shit. They're large, stale, bland-tasting things. Even when you get one with chocolate inside! The chocolate is usually a block of hardness wrapped inside. So unless you have time to heat the croissant in an oven (Never microwave it!), its just not worth the intake.

But this croissant was nearly as good as the ones I had in France last month. I shit you not, people. I shit you not.

I didn't even use the jelly after the first bite. There was nothing bland about the pastry.

So perfect.

I'm just bummed I will be leaving tomorrow before they even open for the day.