Berlin: The Wall.

Part of my long walk throughout just a small part of the city took me past the Topography of Terror.

It's a museum that spans inside and out, and includes the remainder of the standing Berlin Wall.

These were the only bits of the outside part of the museum that I thought were appropriate to show. Walking through the exhibit is energy-draining. Similar to a good chunk of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. To me, it doesn't feel far enough away - time-wise - to simply accept that all of this happened and look at the period as just part of history.

This is the first place on this world tour that I've felt that way. A large part of visiting Berlin was to come and experience all of this history in it's original place. There are other places on Earth that I would like to visit that will about history, and be energy-draining because you're touching on the reality of what happened not long ago.

I walked back from the museum ready for a nap. I wasn't experiencing the same emotions that people who have a personal connection to this history  have... But I was drained.

I found it similar to when I sometimes teach a hot yoga class... You walk into a room and can feel type of energy people are giving off in the space. They've had a tough day. They are in the space to recognize it and purge the energy. As a teacher, you have to learn that you'll absorb it as it's coming out of them. And you learn to how to cope and recover. But it's very draining just after. And that's what I felt with all of the things I visited yesterday.

I noticed, as I walked back to my hotel, some graffiti on a wall of an underpass. It was the first time I had see it, though I am sure it had been there all along...

There are moments when we need to remember to be a "lion." Not everyday can be lived as a lion. Most days are lived as "sheep." You need comfort and stability. Routine and people. Being a lion takes a lot of energy.  But yes, being a lion for even just one day makes for a great life lived. You need "Lion Moments" to drive you.

I took this photo, then turned to walk into my hotel. I went inside and napped for hours, regaining my energy.