Bordeaux: Chateau Haut-Bailly - My Favorite Of All!

This was, no question, my favorite chateau we visited.

Also in the Pessac area, we got a tour and were guests for an amazing lunch here.

We, of course, started with a tour of the grounds...

We got to learn a little about the soil and the variety of grapes grown there. And while there garden wasn't as extensive and gorgeous as the other chateaus we visited...

Quite frankly, it did't need to be... Because their wine was amazing.

I imagine it's because of my undeveloped palate... But I liked their wine the best out of all the vineyards. And as if that wasn't enough, our wine master host arranged for us to have a delicious multi-course meal there.

It started with canap├ęs and champagne served to us on the patio.

The patio view (which, sadly, I didn't get a picture of) allowed us to take in a large amount of the fields. It was a gorgeous and perfect setting.

Then we went inside for lunch. And things only got more gorgeous from there...

Fois gras and truffles!

And of course...

Bread (placed on the table) and wine. Look at all of my crumbs! Can't take me anywhere, I tell you.

The main course was chicken, some filled ravioli, and Spring veggies. I loved every single bite.

Then came the fromage course...

It was a mixture of hard cheeses with pears. A salad!

Then dessert...

Spring fruits (cherries and strawberries) and some vanilla ice cream.

The whole lunch took us about two and a half hours. We sat around a large table in a private room. And the conversation was quite lively and laughter-filled.

When we finished, I didn't feel drunk or even tipsy. But later that afternoon (about three hours after finishing), I would learn just how much hot yoga and a multi-course wine tasting lunch do not mix.