Bordeaux: Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

The first stop on our vineyard tour was the Chateau Mouton Rothschild, a family-owned establishment located at Paulliac in Medoc.

It was very old in history, but very modern in look and feel. I loved that this was our first vineyard stop because of all of the rams that were woven into the decorative elements of the estate.

Baron Philippe des Rothschild, who in 1924 took control of the vineyard - which had been in his family since 1853 - was an Aires. The zodiac sign is represented by the Ram.

I loved this, because I too am an Aires.

These light fixtures were  everywhere throughout the tasting room and store.

But the space where the wine is produced... That was more stunning...

Newer vats and storage facilities had been designed and are now in use. And we got to witness some of the vinification process while there.

Here is an open barrel...

The beautiful stain, as they taste and check what is happening inside as the wine is stored.  Wine making is chemistry. It's the one of the best kinds of chemistry, as far as I am concerned.

I got to see lots of barrel storage rooms. I am always in awe of the numbers present, as well as the smell of the french oak and the grapes perfuming the enclosed space.

This was a more fun decorative piece near the tasting room. But the estate has a museum with pieces they have collected. We got to tour the museum while there, but were allowed to take no pictures of their amazing collection.

Besides, I was more interested in tasting and shooting the wine...

We got to try barrel samples of some of the 2013 vintage, which is currently in production. Barrel samples, as I learned, as very sour. And my palate is not strong enough to discern whether it will be a tasty vintage.

But I enjoyed drinking them, nonetheless.

An excellent start to the wine experience.