Bordeaux: Chateau Troplong Mondot & Rag Doll Love.

Our last chateau stop, at the Chateau Troplong Mondot, proved to be equally as stunning to the eye as most of its predecessors on our tour.

It was a large estate, with a strategic varietal growth pattern that is evolved every year or so. But it is very beautiful...

We got to go to the edge of one of the plots, estimated to be about 80 years old, and get a close-up peek...

Some grapes starting to blossom!!!

Looking out over the fields was serene. A perfect picture to end our vineyard tours.

But we got a little bit of a surprise...

Coming out of the field was the chateau's rag doll cat.  And she was looking for some "love."

She kept coming up and nuzzling my legs, purring. Even while we were trying to take a group photo. I kept laughing because she was quite aggressive.

Cats love me.

And, oh yeah! We tasted wine too! And had lunch there. But the bit I remember most was the beauty of the land and love of the kitty.