Bordeaux: The Farmers Market In Creon.

We had an early start to our second day in Bordeaux. Though, that was pretty typical of each of the days there. Late to bed... Early to rise. 

And somewhere in between the two was typically a two and a half hour lunch...

Which is why we were up early to head to very local farmers' market in the village of Creon. We needed to collect a few things for a lunch (and some other meals) that we were making that week.

Right away, once I got past the stalls of clothing, I fell in love with the colors...

And while I don't like raw tomatoes, I fell in love with the most beautiful heirlooms in season.

The "kitchen master" confessed that while she found these tomatoes to be pretty ugly and knobbly, that means they typically produce the best flavors.

I agreed, unconventionally...

"Yeah... It's like that belief that the uglier the girl, the more personality she has."

My hostess laughed. I was grateful.

So many greens and spices.... Even purple!

And fresh meats of all kinds... Straight from the producers.

Organic carrots! Knobbly themselves, and dirty...

It was a raw vegan's heaven, most of the stalls. (Though I will never find myself being a full-fledged raw vegan. Only when a detox is needed.)

The heat in Bordeaux (humid and in the 80s) means it is Summer berry season. (And also tomato.)

The only thing that creeped me out (even more than some of the following pictures you will see in this post) were these guys...

Live eels.


And though I don't really like artichokes, I would be wiling to give these bad boys a go...

They were the size of a child's head!

My hostess informed me, however, that artichokes are the one food where there isn't an ideal wine to pair with it. So given that, it is ruled out that I will ever really eat artichokes.

But these?

I could eat by the GOBS full! Cherries!!!

I was so taken by colors... And I hadn't even been paying attention to the perfumes in the air. Until we were standing at this table...

Fresh, whole spices.

Gorgeous, sophisticated star anise!

And then there was the table for those not faint at heart...

Yes. A whole section dedicated to live animals (fowl and bunnies) that could be purchased to take home to cook.

Yes. They are cute and sweet. But I have no problem with this, as I am not a vegetarian. And if you're going to eat meat... Buying it directly from the farmer, and when you can have a look at the condition of the animal? Heck... Awesome!

Though, I am not brave to do the dirty work myself. I could cook it. Someone else would have to kill it.

Yum. Fresh eggs! And unlike in the States, these don't need to be washed. (Shaking fists at stupid American laws about washing the film from eggs, necessitating that they be refrigerated.)

I wrapped my visit with this...

Un cafe et un chi-chi.

A coffee and a churro... Freshly made. And exquisite.

All "yum"!