Bordeaux: Red Wine Makes A Great Dinner.

I landed back in this coastal city last night. After having visited four cities in the past (barely) two weeks, I was a little mentally overwhelmed at one point while in Barcelona.

"Maybe I should stay here and skip Bordeaux? I'll just eat the cost of the tour I paid for," I suggested to myself.

I had booked a wine tour at a chateau back in November, before I'd really even had the idea to do this whole "Seven in Seven" tour. And I was very excited by my research, having found a very charming chateau to stay at. YAY!

But then things got rearranged for a friend's 40th birthday. And instead of our plan to go to Santorini, we made the decision to do London, Paris and Bordeaux.

"That means I'll be doing Bordeaux twice in the span of two months," I noted. But it was for a friend's birthday... And I knew I'd be doing different things on each tour. So instead of backing out, I reasoned that I should stick to the commitment I set for myself.

Which is how I found myself eating this for dinner tonight...

It was a wine tasting dinner for the first night. All red wines (my favorite)... Along with some of this...

Some of the best gouda I've had in a long while!

We also noshed on other cheese and some meats...

And to my delight, there were veggies!!!

I love, love radishes. I never buy them at home. I really should start.

There was, of course, a dessert with a sweet wine pairing...

After so many glasses of wine that I tasted, I can't recall the specifics of this one. But I do recall the little brownie in the cup was one of the best brownies I have ever had. It had a salty "snip" to it, which paired well with the chocolate. Some kind of sea salt, I think?

Anyways... The decision not to skip Bordeaux just because I was here two months ago was worth it just in the first night here. And I haven't even gotten a chance to photograph the chateau itself. That will have to wait till tomorrow or later. We have a busy few days ahead of us here. So much to learn about wine!