Geneva: A Quick, But Expensive Trip.

I originally was not planning to even stop in Geneva. My intention was to go directly from Bordeaux to either Prague of Vienna. But there lacked an existence of direct flights to either of those cities. And making a connection was not of interest to me.

So I compromised.

"I'll fly to Geneva for two days, and then on to Prague," I decided.

I had hoped to get a tour of CERN while in Geneva. But that wasn't in the cards. CERN is closed on Sundays, and booked up months in advance. But because my trip was going to be so short, I figured meandering around the streets would be a sufficient way to entertain myself.

I arrived in the early evening and found a driver to quickly take me into the city center to my hotel. I knew based on what the hotel was costing me that Geneva wasn't going to be a cheap city. But I didn't realize just how expensive of a city it is. I soon found out.

I was starving by the time I checked into the hotel. So I got out and walked a block to am Indian food restaurant that I had driven past earlier.

The food was amazing.

(Lemon basmati rice)

(Chicken Tikka Masala - my favorite)

I was trying to calculate in my head, while eating what is the best Chicken Tikka Masala I've ever had in my life (seriously... I used to say the best Indian food is in London. Now I say it's in Geneva...) And I kept coming up with a large amount.

I decided to just enjoy my meal and not worry about it. And I enjoyed the confetti of fennel seats and sprinkles they brought me at the end...

But I was still baffled as to how things were priced so high in the restaurant. This was the first time Indian food had ever cost me $45 USD. And it was great, and totally worth it. But I'm just not used to seeing it that expensive.

So naturally... I started mulling over the conversion...

Now, the conversion between the two isn't nearly as obscene as the USD to Sterling. And every time I've visited London in the past 10 years, I have just accepted that things are going to be pricey. But what surprised me was how things were priced in Geneva.

And nothing demonstrated that more clearly than the next morning at Starbucks.

The cost of this fruit salad and grande cappuccino were each about six to seven in SWISS FRANCS to begin with... And when you translated that into USD, it meant this breakfast cost me about $14 in USD.


"Yeah," I concluded, "This is a pretty city. But it is too expensive. It's best that I'm only here for a limited time... And over a Sunday when every place where I could spend money is closed. Better for my pocketbook."