Istanbul: A Walk Across The Bosphorus For Coffee.

When I initially arrived at my hotel in Istanbul, someone on staff spent about 20 minutes giving me the layout of the city, how best to get places, and tour options that they recommended. It's part of the check-in process for the hotel. And I think it was a great idea. Very helpful.

They explained that the area the hotel was in was called the "old town." It's where all of the typical tourist attractions are in the city. All of the old ones. But across the Bosphorus, which was just a 10 minute walk from the hotel, was the more modern side of Istanbul.

A few days earlier, in Vienna, I had been reading in Porter magazine about one writer's visit to Istanbul, and a bohemian coffee shop. I ripped the page out of the magazine for when I was in Istanbul. And after checking into my room, I was on the computer trying to figure out exactly where it was located.

Turns out, it was just across the bridge in the modern part. Only a little over a mile away.

So, naturally, one morning I walked there.

Hidden down an alleyway were a few cafes. But I knew which one it was right away, just by looking at it...

Exactly how I pictured it. Warm. Colorful. Free wifi.

I went in and grabbed a table. It was late morning. Finding one wasn't difficult. But there were a few people who had set up "office" in the place.

Such a perfect view for working. She is a smart lady.

I loved the mix of old stonework from the building combined with all of the boho embellishments in the place.

It's how I want to style my kitchen in whatever home I end up having. Nothing matches... But it all works together.

This, funny enough, is my typical breakfast. Although lately, depending on the hotel in which I am staying, I will add fruit to my order. But here, I went with a cappuccino and sparkling water. Two of my favorite things. It was already after 11am... So really, it was too late in the day for a cappuccino. But I didn't feel like having just an espresso. And they made it so pretty.

I sat and wrote for about an hour. When they brought my my check, another cute and eccentric thing...

They brought it to me in this tin. So charming. Very much worth the walk from the old town.