Madrid: Cambiando A Bikram Yoga Center.

There are a few different Bikram studios in Madrid, I have learned. And my hotel was pretty much exactly in between two of them equally. So deciding which one to go to wasn't going to be easy.

I knew I wanted to take a class all in Spanish. And an afternoon class would be preferred.  So I determined going to Bikram Yoga Center was the best option for me.

I almost walked right past the studio. It was quietly situated on a street of trendy clothing stores.

The studio itself was one of the best I'd seen, ever. Very clean. Very light. The women's locker room has TEN SHOWERS!!! Now THAT is a luxury I have never seen at any other studio, ever.

The practice room was oddly shaped. Most of us practiced in the same area of the room, so that the teacher could see all at once. She knew that I was an American teacher, but she did give me a correction on my left-side Standing Bow posture... Which was GREAT!

"Keep your knee tucked in on this side. It's rolling out. Just focus on keeping the hip down," she said to me, breaking the Spanish dialogue in the room.

By the end of the class - in which I did every posture and held exactly as long as required by the teacher, I found myself thinking, "WOW! I have a much better practice when I can't understand the words the teacher is saying."

I determined this is likely due to me not being able to hear the dialogue or instruction, and reflect on my own teaching style while listening to it. I've admitted it before... While I don't regret one bit of going to teacher training, it did fuck up my practice. I find myself distracted by the style of teaching with most teachers. Not because they are good or bad... But because I just know how to teach and can't get out of knowing it while I practice.

Also, once you become a teacher and people know it, they're less likely to give you corrections. I don't know why. I love corrections. Even small ones, like, "Stop freaking fidgeting, Molina!" Because even as a teacher... I totally still do that! And, when I teach, I don't hesitate to give ANYONE a correction. Teacher or student. Old or young. If it's done with genuine encouragement, it is always helpful.

The temperature in the studio here was perfect. PERFECT. I was sweating before class started, but it never, ever got too hot.... You know, that point where you start to get dizzy because the heat is just staying in one place, and not being circulated?

Anyway... I can see my practice changing now. I can feel it, but also see it in how I position my body going into each pose. I'm much more relaxed, and that helps.

So that's three cities and three Bikram classes in a week. I leave for Barcelona tomorrow.