Madrid: Lavanderia AutoServicio.

I'm now nine days into this journey (only 30 days left), which means I was due for a laundry day.

In the past, when I've traveled on other legs of this tour, if I've needed laundry done badly enough, I just gave it to the hotel. Sure, it was expensive. But it meant one less thing for me to worry about while traveling. But I didn't want to do that this time.  I wanted to actually do it myself.

With my Bikram clothes, and underwear, I can do those the sink. But for anything bigger, I really need to throw it through a machine. And after three Bikram classes in under a week, I really needed to wash my "yoga costume" intensely.

I was able to easily find a "lavandería autoservicio" near my hotel here in Madrid's city center. It was across the street, tucked into one of the alleyways. I went first thing this morning, stopping off to get breakfast on the way.

The machines, while pricey, were excellent...

I didn't have to bring any soap or softener... The machine has it all in there. So for the 5.50-Euro cost (about $7.50 in USD), it was worth it.

In under an hour, I had clean and dried clothes. It went by so fast, I didn't even have time to finish the large bottle of water I bought...

Now I am ready to head to Barcelona in a few hours!