Madrid: Licked By Nacho In Buen Retiro Park.

I attempted to find an alleged "really super cool hippy flea market" yesterday afternoon in Madrid. I learned about it online... And should have realized information could be inaccurate.

So after walking for an hour to alleged location, I started to wander back towards the direction of my hotel, and came across a lovely and massive park with a stunning entrance...

It was the Buen Retiro Park. It was about 4:30pm, and I decided that going in and finding a patch of grass to read my Kindle on was just what I needed.

A rest!

But there was just too much beauty in the park to get to that rest right away!

This place reminded me of Central Park in NYC. Complete with the boats on the water. And there were even fish swimming in that water!

And the gardens... So well cared for.

Between this and my walk earlier in the day through the Sabatini Garden near the palace, I found myself very impressed with Spanish landscape architecture efforts.

Everything was bright and verdant. And well-styled.

If you lived near this, you'd walk in it every day! Though, that's how I feel about Central Park too.

And I kept seeing the most gorgeous little bird as I walked through the park...

He was black and white mostly, with a hint of blue.

Eventually, I found a patch of grass to sit down on near others. It was nearly 5:30pm at this point, and I hadn't meditated all day. So I put on my iPod meditation playlist, sat up straight, and closed my eyes.

I was resting my hands on my knees, as I usually do. The palms were slightly open, and the fingers were relaxed but stretched out a little.

I was about 10 minutes into the meditation when I felt something lick my fingers tips on the right hand...


I opened my eyes to a little Pomeranian-type dog looking at me expectantly. His owner came over and apologized, scooping him up and taking him away.

As much as I loathe little dogs, this one was cute. And sassy.

I gave up on continuing my meditation, and just decided to lay back and write in the Sun...

It was awesome.