Madrid: A "Masturbator & Death" At Reina Sofia Museum.

On the recommendation of a social network friend, I walked myself over to the Reina Sofia Museum this morning.

It's a museum of contemporary art from the 20th century. And it is home to some popular artists. Right away I knew I would like the place when I walked up and saw the sculpture out front...

I have no idea what it is... But it reminds me of a rooster.

Inside the museum is a collection of wonderfully surrealist works. This object from Man Rey was hypnotic.

Depending on where you stood, the eye was open or closed... And swinging back and forth on the pendulum.

Most people go to the museum to check out the works by Picasso. And they do have a good collection, Guernica being his most popular. And it's massive. But out of each of the Picasso works, this one I liked best...

It's called "Figures By the Sea."

Still, Picasso was not my favorite in the museum. Not at all. No, that honor went to Salvador Dali.

This one is called the "Face of the Great Masturbator." COLOR!!! And sassy! His work is very dreamy, as most surrealist work is. I find, in comparison, Picasso's work to be more like a "dream headache." Too rigid in lines.

This one is his "Millet's Architectonic Angelus".  Again... The color!

This one is the "Invisible Man."

And then "Endless Enigma."

So dream-like.

One of my other favorite pieces was this...

 Jose Solana's "Procession of Death." Morbid. Macabre.  Rich in color. Transformational.

After this, I walked into the courtyard of the museum and wrote while looking at the sculptures...

At one point, because I had been sitting out there so long, I found myself to be the only one in the space!

I knew it was time to leave. It had been fun. Well worth the visit.