Prague: An Astrological Clock & Mexican Food In Old Town.

If you know San Diego... You may be thinking, "Old Town and Mexican food? Wait! I thought you were in Europe! Not San Diego!"

In this case, I am referring to the Old Town in Prague's city center.

It's a square in the city that dates back to medieval times, and one of it's prominent features is the oldest astrological clock in the world...

Yes. It's big. It was put in place in 1410, on the Old Town City Hall.

It attracts a lot of tourists. And it's easy to see why. It's very beautiful. I stood and watched it go off at the hour, and then stood for a while longer... Wondering if anyone else in the crowd of people was as fascinated with the mechanical machinery.

Eventually, my hunger got the best of me. So I moved onward, intending to get out of the square to find something to eat on a side street. I only managed to make it a little ways before this caught my eye...

A Mexican restaurant! In Prague!

It was hidden in a small space right next to one of the traditional restaurant cafes. In fact, the seating for the restaurant almost blended right into the other one. So if you weren't careful, and sat at the wrong table, you'd be given a different cuisine's menu.

I was curious to see how the city of Prague interpreted Mexican food. I ordered a frozen margarita and some chicken enchiladas...

And believe it or not... This food was way better than any of the Mexican food I've had in Boston! (With the exception of Rosa Mexicano on the Waterfront... Which I credit as being established in NYC. Not Boston.)

The sauce was perfect. And they even had a tomatillo sauce and a mole sauce. But I went with the rojas (red) sauce. And they seemed to have made the corn tortillas by hand!


Despite making a pledge to not drink again until Rome, I gave in and tried a strawberry margarita. I was surprised by one element though...

They coated the rim in cayenne pepper. And it was awesome! It gave the drink a nice kick to contrast with the sweetness. I actually liked it better than the typical salt rim.

Though, I will admit, this food didn't top the Mexican cuisine I can find in Old Town San Diego. Still, it was some of the best Mexican I've had outside of San Diego or Arizona in... Hmm... A really long time. Years.