Santorini: Getting Bullied By Donkeys & Their Massive Piles Of Shit.

This is not metaphorical, people.

Santorini is known for its donkeys...

They walk up and down the cliff side path to the Old Port...

As well as along the path from the town of Fira to the town of Oia. For just a few Euros, you can ride them. You just show up to one of the Donkey Stations...

And they will put you on one, and then take you where you need to go. Or at least apart of the way.

Bu me... I like to walk. I love to walk. Just like these guys...

Up and down the paths, I walked alongside of these creatures. 

And while I appreciated them... They didn't seem to return the favor.

All along the path down to the Old Port, which included steep wide steps, I would run into groups of donkeys. I would try to navigate around them and the massive piles of droppings they left all over the steps (note: I was wearing sandals), and I was pretty successful. But there were a few times where I was close to stepping right into the piles because... Well... They were pushing me.


I would be walking at my own pace... Donkeys would be coming down the path behind me... I would step to the side... They would nudge me away from the side, so that I was surrounded on either side by them as they walked past... They would stop mid step.

I would be directly behind the back end of them.

I would back up... And almost step right into a pile I had just tried to walk around.

I honestly felt like they were doing it on purpose. Like a game. They know the humans don't want to step in it. But they were trying to push me into it.


So a walk that should have taken me about 10 minutes ended up taking me about 20.

If you ever find yourself in Santorini... Don't be fooled by the cuteness of the donkeys. They are the original Mean Girls.