Vienna: Bikram Yoga Schottenring.

So far, I've been to eight cities in the past three weeks, and have attended six Bikram classes. Not bad, considering I only have one set of practice gear and have been washing it in the sink afterwards... Till I can get to a laundromat.

Out of all of the studios I have visited so far, though, my favorite was Schottenring in Vienna.

Very close to my hotel, in a quiet neighborhood, the studio was very clean, bright and even had an outdoor courtyard space for afterwards!

And just like every Bikram studio I have been to in Europe, there is no carpet on the floor. And after having lived in Toronto for a few years and practiced on hardwood... I must say I am a huge fan of this.  I know it has long been part of the practice for their to be carpet on the floor. But I think this is outdated and needs to change. Hard as I see studio owners work to keep the carpets clean, I think it is just easier for everyone to not have a carpeted floor.

The room at Schottenring was very humid. But my practice bounced back from the previous week in Bordeaux. And my left-side Standing Bow is more aligned now.

I still felt obliterated after class, despite a good practice. This studio had the standard coconut water I usually grab, as well as this...

Sparkling water with Elder Flower? I wasn't sure about it... But as soon as I opened the bottle, the perfume of the flower pulled me in... And it was downed in minutes.

I didn't get a chance to practice again while I was there. But this is a "Bucket List Studio" to visit if you're looking to travel and hit Bikram studios.